a guide to bigender

what exactly is bigender?

bigender is when you identify as two(2) genders, male & female.
people may think that it is demigirl or demiboy, but that is false. bigender people feel connected to both masc and femme, and are somewhere 'in between' both.

how do i know i'm bigender?

you feel connected to both masculinity and femininity, do not feel like cis, demigirl, demiboy, or gender fluid is the correct label for you. if you feel connected to both male & female, and it does not fluctuate so you feel like one on one day, and another on the next day, that can be considered bigender.

what pronouns can bigender people use?

bigender people can use (but not limited to) she/him, she/her, he/him, he/her, he/she, they/he and neopronouns. it depends on what the person wants.

can bigender people experience dysphoria?

yes, as can they experience gender euphoria, or gender incongruence.

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